With 4+ years experience shooting products for E-commerce, this service provides quality product photos for any type of product you are selling to be presented online. Priced per SKU, I will provide multiple photos per item all edited to look similar to each other. Refer to the "PRODUCTS" tab to see examples of the end result


This service provides social media based content in the for of photos or video for your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter). The content is created by creating "vision" boards that relate to your audience to capture them and increase engagement amongst your brand. An aesthetic is created to make the photos or video unique to themselves but also trendy to what people enjoy scrolling through on their social media feed. This service is priced per concept and individual products that are being sold. Check "SOCIAL CONTENT" and "VIDEOS" tab for examples and links to accounts I have worked on. 


This services provides photography for events which can be used for media based promotions. Refer to the "EVENTS" tab for images of the previous events that I have shot. This service is priced per event, contact me below for exact pricing for events.